Chapter 3 Cover

10th Aug 2015, 10:49 PM in Chapter 3
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Chapter 3 Cover
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Author Notes:

NuclearLoop 10th Aug 2015, 10:49 PM edit delete

Well after a longer than anticipated hiatus things should be smoothing out and getting back into the flow of things! I'm working on a small buffer so I'm not entirely sure yet if I will upload next Monday or not (I've got 2 pages done so far so that's a start pf), but for now here is the cover to show I'm getting back to it!

Looks to me these girls are stuck in a tight situation. Eh? Eh?? *shot*

I don't entirely care for this cover rn just cause I wanted something there since every other chapter has a cover, it MIGHT change?? Idk.


Since I didn't really do anything over here during my hiatus here's a journal of some of the changes that I've made with the current story in order to /somewhat/ fix what's already been made.

It was a tough summer actively trying, and failing, to get a job and just constant lack of motivation overall that made starting the new chapter daunting, but since it was a new chapter it was the best time to just take a step back yanno? But I'm back after some fighting myself!

Hope ya'll enjoy~

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