Baby story!

by NuclearLoop

I was looking through my old facebook archives at art I'd posted in the past, and I came across some of the first concepts of the Archibald I know and love today! 

These two are dated all the way back to November of 2010

The top  is 'Walter' or at the time of creation her name was Valeska. Ironically they looked so similar the change wasn't that dramatic when I put Walter in instead pfff. And of course the bottom is lil Will with not-rat's nest hair.

And this one was posted in October of 2010

This is what the Tamnareox used to look like. They changed for good reasons >> 

The original protagonist character that is now Madrid was named Cilla and she was a lot more monotone and not as carefree as Mad is, so she was just really boring. And the fact I used to draw wings like that makes me want to cry because elbows should not have fingers sticking out of them :I 

So like, this story has been around for almost three years (more like two-ish but I'm just counting by years) and it's the only story I've stayed dedicated to for so long and eventually I intend to finish it. Next page shall be up Monday if I get these backgrounds done! 

Also if you have any questions for the cast ask em!

Almost set!

by NuclearLoop

Still nobody in particular I am talking to at the moment, but I'm happy to announce the comic is almost ready for it's debut after almost a year of production and planning. I'm finally free with time and it is the perfect time to begin sharing what I've concocted.

My dad was cool about two or three weeks ago asking if I wanted a domain name for a website class he was taking that offered a good deal, so I told him about the comic and he set me up with a domain which is really, really cool. Perhaps that will be another reason to stay motivated to do this comic so my dad didn't go through the time and money to buy it for me. I am ever so grateful.

That is all for now, I don't have a set date for the debut yet but I assure it will be sometime in early October! 


Baby Stages: How this Started

by NuclearLoop

Hello nonexistant audiance!


If you happen to have stumbled upon this page, you are probably aware there is barely anything to show for at the moment. I have been tinkering with the tools and layout design, and am going to at least put up a banner in the foreseeable future.

If you are by any chance curious, Archibald was originally my Nanowrimo novel! (Fun fact)


Some history of Archibald and where the story stands right now goes a little like this:

One day, about two years ago, I had this idea lodged in my head to write a story. And, knowing me, my story writing commitment is... Well, not all that great. But I had hopes!

I began to write down brainstorms for each chapter, drew up some concept designs and began to write the first two or three chapters. This was back in 8th grade if I remember correctly, so my grammar/storytelling skills were so buttery.

After awhile, my muse for the baby story died, and it was left sitting in my folder for about a year or so.

But then! The infamous Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) came into play. I was told by several of my friends, both on DeviantART and other websites, that the challenge is both frusterating, and rewarding. So, I decided to give it a shot after having amped some of my writing skills through my 9th grade english course. On the first day of November, I was completely belittled at what exactly I should write about that could keep on going for an entire month, and end in 50,000+ words.

Then the baby story came back into my conscience. Looking back at my brainstorms, I realised the story and it's set up was just... So off. So I basically obliterated 75% of what I had, and kept the basic concept of what my original intention was, but in hopes of formatting and developing it better. And I ended up finishing the challenge with nearly 60k words, and the story itself isn't even finished. I am, at the moment, still going back and editting major parts of the story, scrapping unimportant parts, remodelling scenes I want to keep but need some extra 'umph'

I had also scrapped a shitton of old characters I had no use for, and added in new ones and then some. (The only few that have kept their roles from the baby story was Willow, and Bedralena. Yeah, the main character of the story totally got remodeled!)

Valeska (the original main character) got replaced with my underused side-character, Walter. (Who, herself, changed a shitton.)

Cilla (the original alien character protagonist) got replaced with my two 'demon sister' characters, Madrid and Elsa. And through some major revamping they are what they are in this story, aliens with a disguise!  

Ark (secondary protagonist) Has had his name changed to what is now Eric.


So, after having finished Nanowrimo and continuing to write, I realised there was one goal I have wanted to set out for since 2007; To make a webcomic, and be proud of it. 

I have, in recent years, made several attempts at this. And none of them ever stuck, and I lost my interest in them after several weeks of failed planning and overworking the ideas into the ground. But, after having worked so long on this story, a story I have had locked up since 2010, and a heaping amount of inspiration, I have made a decision to try again, and hopefully get farther than I ever have. Earlier in 2011 I had begun practicing my human drawings and styles, and finally I have managed to get a product I am proud of. Although the style and character designs still need a bit of handywork, I'm getting better than where I was just a year ago. And that also amps up my motivation to try this thing.

This is my main goal for the year and years to come, and I'm really hoping I can actually make this work because I actually feel like I can get somewhere with it. But there's only hoping!



I doubt anybody will read this anytime soon, but like I said, if you'd happened to have stumbled onto this and there's still a good deal to be done, I thank you for reading this regardless, whether some of the above makes any sense or not!

Happy New Years!