• Antricondo (antri-condo) One of three major cities along the shores of eastern Sanctibri. The largest metropolis of the three, elevated above the ground high enough to where it is a rare occasion a resident sets foot below. The city is notorious for it's past tension against the Instintine and government officials.
  • Alternate In the terms of Belshezaki and Tamnareox language they refer to the word 'alternate' as their separate identities when transformed. 
  • Belshezaki (Bel-sheh-zah-ki) The aliens who took refuge on the planet of Sanctibri that resemble "Angels" according to the majority of the human population for their features, and of course, giant wings.
  • Grande Escotient (Grand Es-coat-eyent) The large tower complex where the Instintine resides in the capital city, Roloscot. 
  • Instintine (Ins-tin-teen) The Belshezaki term for "Ruler" AKA 'Queen'
  • Oxitolinde (Ox-ee-tal-ind) The Belshezaki term for the celebration of the aliens merging with human civilization and the thriving of their world in harnessing core energy.
  • Tamnareox (Tamnair-eeox) Lower rate Belshezaki. They prefer to stick to custom staying away from alternating unlike the Belshezaki who fancy the skill quite excessively. Their characteristics resemble longified bats with large ears and wings.